Last year Carberry Motorcycles moved its operations to India and has announced the launch of its new 1000cc V-Twin engine is now being tested extensively before launch in India later.

The engine is the brain child of Paul Carberry who had wanted to combine to two single-cylinder engines to make one powerful 1000cc unit.

Pictures released look impressive, but that’s not too surprising as it’s being developed and built by enthusiasts.  Jaspreet Singh Bhatia has teamed up with Paul Carberry.

Jaspreet, who has stressed the fact that the objective behind the development of the 1000cc V-Twin engine was not to provide modification options to Royal Enfield owners, but to build a Carberry motorcycle powered by this engine. It is also available as a stand alone engine if someone does want to spice up their Royal Enfield.

Their first stand alone engine, made in India is on sale in India and is available to export.  Priced at Rs 4.96 lakh, it will be powering the Carberry motorcycle which appears to be a Bobber style bike.

The brief video (below) we found on YouTube shows the motorcycle flying down a straight road accompanied only by it’s beautiful deep exhaust note. The video was allegedly taken by a person on a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 on full throttle. The 1000cc engine is ready for sale and includes the primary drive and the transmission.

The long 90mm stroke is used in the RE and also uses the cylinders, heads and a five-speed gearbox from RE as well. The frame is lengthened and strengthened and the primary drive is upgraded. It gets a heavy-duty starter motor and the clutch unit is one that is even fit for a 2-litre car engine. Carberry is still awaiting some clearances from ARAI for its engine, which is currently available for existing Carberry motorcycles and exports.

Royal Enfield engines were chosen for this job and caught the attention of CEO of Royal Enfield Siddhartha Lal who expressed interest.  Apparently talks went on for many month but were fruitless which may, in our opinion, prove to be unfortunate as a joint venture would certainly have been interesting.

The company is accepting bookings for the engine at 50 per cent deposit.


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