DTR Performance Panelcraft

In the darkest depths of Devon, lies the sleepy village of Crediton.

If you’re ever there, keep your ears open and you might hear the ‘tap, tap, tap of ‘Our Man’ Dave, happily immersed in his work, oblivious to the world around him as he diligently creates what can only be described as ‘works of art’ and that’s not soppy talk from a love struck owner of a vintage British motorcycle, oh no! Certainly not.

Dave, in a world of his own. A Master at work!

Don’t believe an independent unbiased opinion? No, well lets see what you create with a hammer and some pointy metal things!

I bet you any money you like, your ‘effort’ will pale into insignificance when put beside one of Dave’s creations below.

Dave’s hand-crafted petrol tanks.
Look at the curves on her!

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