This isn’t really appropriate content for a website that focuses on vintage British motorcycles but hey, I own it, so I can do what I like and more importantly, well, important to me, is that I believe you should know what motivates me and the rest of the #VBB team to do what we do.  No long winded explanation needed here, it’s simple.

You motivate us.

Hence this early morning ramble and I hope you take it in the spirit it’s meant to convey.

I started writing this at 08:09 this morning after ‘pulling another all-nighter’. It wasn’t planned, they never are, they just happen.  Sometimes it’s just a case of plain old insomnia or I’ve got so much swirling around in my head that I just can’t get to sleep and it’s been like that for so long now that I’ve given up trying to fight it and take advantage of it.  By that I mean I use the time to catch up on stuff that didn’t get done for whatever reason.

I got home at about 2am this morning after baby-sitting for my stepdaughter who was out on a well deserved and long overdue girls night out. I couldn’t sleep so as I’ve fallen so far behind with work on #VBB, one of five publishing ventures that keep me busy, I decided to power through and try to catch up.

Five hours later all I’d managed to do was wade through a heap of notes, scraps of paper and my diary which resulted in a very long list of all the things that had fallen by the wayside.

Reviewing the list it dawned on me that the cause of this backlog is you, or to be more precise, the support you have all so generously given us since we went live on July 31st via this site and social media.  It’s too long to describe the domino effect you’ve created that has risen like a tsunami and completely engulfed us.

Believe me when I say we are very grateful, very grateful indeed because it would be very demoralising to work the hours we do and not see a response or a reaction and that’s what keeps us motivated and wanting to do more and more and there lies the problem, we’re struggling to keep up and don’t get me wrong, that’s good, we thrive on it.

As that realisation dawned on me I thought I’d write a quick note and put it on Twitter etc.  It started like this.

‘1st, the good news. It’s been a funny couple of weeks work-wise, 99% of it’s been great  & that’s 100% down to YOU.  Yes, you!’

Now, those of you who use Twitter (my favourite social media app) know that a tweet can only be 140 characters including spaces and I wanted to say more than that so I started writing a series of tweets to post in one go.  Then I thought why the hell don’t I just write one piece and and post it here.

All of which is a very long winded way of me saying to you ‘Thank you’ and if you’ll indulge me a little longer I’ll explain why I’m genuinely very grateful for your support.

Without your support, we wouldn’t enjoy doing this as much as we do and by support I mean following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  For example, in the last 24hrs our Twitter feed alone had over 4,000 impressions.

To me that’s impressive because in the last 24 hours we’ve not posted a single tweet! vintage British motorcycle magazine old classic and vintage motorcycles bikes spares parts accessories new features blogs updates events motorcycle clubs

But it doesn’t end there and here is another example and one you might want to follow if that’s the right word (sorry, fatigue kicking in).

A while ago a chap mentioned #VBB in a tweet and his comment were very complimentary. No big deal you might think but to me it was an affirmation from a complete stranger or in ‘corporate’ jargon, an independent source.  It showed me that he was not only reading our articles but took the time to say so, thereby passing his opinion onto his Twitter followers which in turn we hope will increase our readership and in turn increase our revenue.

I was so touched by his comment I looked at his Twitter feed and his Bio reads as follows;

Norton Commando nut. Crowded lift flatulence and brewing of interesting brews a speciality. I walk on wet floors, ride with my lid visor up etc….risky stuff!

Obviously this guy has a sense of humour so I sent him a message, one thing led to another and I we spoke on the phone.  I asked him if he’d like to write for #VBB, he was a little surprised by my suggestion but to his credit, he accepted, grabbed the bull by the horns and within 24 hours he sent me his first attempt at an article which I got around to reading earlier today.

By the end of the 2nd paragraph I had a smile on my face and at the end of the 3rd paragraph I let out an audible laugh.  I was right, he did indeed have a sense of humour and without even reading the rest I sent him a message asking him to call me when he was compos mentis to talk about it more.

Again, you may be thinking no big deal but I’ll finish off by giving you my perspective on this little interaction.

Right from the start our Twitter feed has been littered with tweets asking people to get in touch. To share their knowledge, to contribute, no matter how insignificant they may feel that contribution might be.  We’ve offered to promote business FREE OF CHARGE if it directly relates to #VBB and if you know a bike dealership, to tell them to contact us.  If you’re a member of a club, we’ve offered to promote your club FREE OF CHARGE.

One motorcycle club ‘Board Member’ replied to an email we sent out with a one word response, ‘SCAM’.

Well, his loss, not ours.

We didn’t let that feedback dent our enthusiasm and we’ve had a few clubs send us all their details and created a page just for their club, for example

We’ve also promoted lots of business free of charge and here is an example –

One gent kindly got in touch offering to write a book review and you can read it here

Getting back to the chap who agreed to write an article, he stuck his neck out so to speak and I am more than happy to give a guy with no journalistic experience whatsoever the opportunity to indulge his passion with an audience who share his love of British Bikes and bloody good on him I say and who knows where that will lead to?

At worst, he’ll spend a bit of time writing as and when the fancy takes him and get to enjoy bragging rights in his local as a ‘Published Writer’.  At best, he sticks at it, develops his own style, which already clearly exists and we’ll happily discuss remunerating him for his time and effort.

The chap in question didn’t have any idea why I wanted to speak to him, when I did he acted upon my offer without any hesitation and my point is this, without you, there’d be no point in doing this, we thrive on your feedback, good or bad.  If it’s good, it doesn’t go unappreciated and if it’s bad, we’ll take the time to consider your opinion and act upon it as we see fit but either way, we are very grateful and thank you for it.

On that note, I shall finish my 10th coffee of the day (night??) and leave all you lovely people to enjoy a very sunny Sunday.

If you wish to get in touch with us at #VBB, why wait?

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