Trust is not a subject people generally take lightly.


We’re making this commitment to you in black and white, here, on our site in plain English, stating that we promise to bend over backwards to accommodate you, our advertisers, by offering a level of service beyond your expectations.  We’re demonstrating that commitment with this, our ‘trust’ guarantee.

Trust is important in every situation and in business it has to be a priority, a priority to all parties involved in any agreement or transaction.

We’ve made our commitment to you and we hope you will acknowledge that by giving us your honest and timely feedback on any improvements that you feel could be made to this site and support us not only through your advertising spend but with input.  As stated above, trust is a two way street.  If you send us any snippets of information, news, projects you’re working on, moving to new premises? anything that you feel is relevant to the site and if we feel it will contribute to the content of the site, we’ll publish it giving you free PR.