Vintage British Bikes was designed to provide you with a smart set of tools to showcase your business, organisation, MC club etc. and connect to new customers. We’ve tried to make it  professional yet easy to use.

Have a quick read at the overview below outlining how you can use us to increase your sales.  After that, please go here for a more information that will further explain what’s on offer and how to take full advantage of it without costing you a fortune (we’re all self employed, so we understand you’ve got to make every penny count!).

Step 1.  Add or ‘claim’ your ‘listing’.

Add your own ‘listing’ or, if we’ve already done it for you, email us to claim it and then you can upload photos, add helpful links, such as your web address,  social media pages.  A map displays your location, shows your address & opening hours plus you can add any other information that you think is relevant.

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2. Get discovered by new customers!

Once we approve you listing (to ensure suitable content), you’ll receive a confirmation email from us & your listing will go ‘live’.  Visitors interested in similar products and/or services will see your listing  in their search results.  When you claim your listing a badge will be added to mark it as officially approved by Vintage British Bikes.

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3. Increase your earnings.

Once discovered, customers will start coming to you!  After that, It’s up to you to make them happy and post positive reviews of you, your business and the service received. That’s how Vintage British Bikes helps them make better spending decisions.

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4. Help us help you.

We’re not doing this for fun, although we do enjoy it, this is a business and it’s profit that counts.  The only way we can be successful is if you are too, so help us help you. Try and view us as your PR Agency or a Marketing Agency, we’re here to help you.  But we can’t do that unless we communicate, so you’ll see all over this site requests for you to get in touch about anything.  If it’s relevant to the site, we’ll publish it, credit you as the source resulting in greater exposure for you.  We’d also like to start a monthly article about a  ‘Featured Retailer’, so if you’d like us to profile you and your business click here.

Finally, all the above is backed up by this, our cast-iron ‘Trust Guarantee’. Our promise to do to deliver an unrivalled level of service to you.

All you’ve got to do now is set up an account (it’s free), choose your package, post your listings and get ready to reach the people who matter most. Customers.

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