How to set up an account and ‘list’ your business, products and services.  All backed up by our cast-iron ‘Trust Guarantee’ made to you.


  • The account setup process.
  • How to post a ‘Listing’ and get the best results.
  • Benefits included in your listing fee.
  • How to get you ‘free’ business listing.
  • How to choose the right package for you.
  • All accompanied by our a personal guarantee promise to you (see bottom of this page).
  • Please note, whatever opportunity you choose, all ‘listings’ are live for 30 days.

A copy can be downloaded here, or read these instructions:

How To Create An Account

Go to

In the top right of the screen you’ll see a link – ‘Dealer Zone’, either click on that or just hover the mouse over it and select ‘My Account’

Scroll down to ‘Register’ and enter your email address and choose a password.  Please note, to protect your security, a ‘weak’ password will not be accepted, if your password is flagged as ‘weak’ please try adding characters such as £ $ % &.

Click on ‘Register’

You’ll be automatically taken to your ‘dashboard’. Here you can administer your account as you wish.

Again, hover over the ‘Dealer Zone’ link and click on ‘Choose Your Package’.

There are currently 7 different options available:

User Guide – a free guide to using the site & getting the maximum in return.

Free Business Listing – Free until further notice. Terms apply so please look here.

Early Bird Offer – Fill your boots FREE OF CHARGE for 30 days, no strings, no obligation!

1 x 30 days Listing – Place 1 listing online for 30 days, after which it will automatically expire.

10 x 30 day listings – 1 package, 10 listing, 15% discount!

20 x Listings – As above butt 20 listings AND a 20% discount!

Unlimited Listings – Go crazy with our only ‘Pay As You Go’ option. The more you list, the cheaper each listing costs!

Click on the package you wish to purchase.

You’ll see a summary screen of the package you chose.

Click on ‘add to basket’.

A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, click on ‘view basket’.

This is the shopping cart. If all the details are correct ‘proceed to checkout’.

Complete all the details.

There is a ‘notes’ section for you to use if required. Please feel free to add any notes and if we can accommodate your request, we will.

Please make sure you check the Terms & Conditions box, then click on ‘Place order’.

Enter payment details and click ‘pay’

A summary of your order will be displayed.

We will send a copy of the summary via email to the address you provided and you’ll also receive a confirmation email once it’s been processed.  If anything is incorrect or needs amending, please email us

If you do not receive those emails, please check your Junk folder before contacting us.

Now you can start listing.

NOTE: The listing form is the same as the ‘account’ form you just completed, but it’s worth covering again as this is for a ‘listing’ and the more details submitted the higher your listing will appear on our search results when customers are searching not only on our site but the entire internet.

Hover over ‘Dealer Zone’ and click on ‘Add Your Listing’.

Fill in your details as follows;

You@your domain – Enter your email address.

Your Company name – obvious!

Your strap line – e.g. ‘Specialists in pre 1960 British Motorcycles’.

Description of your item – Describe the item you are selling.  PLEASE NOTE – If you’ve chosen the ‘free business’ listing option, please enter a full description of your business, products and/or services you provide, not a description of any Item(s) you sell.

Category – Select from the drop down box the category that best suits your business. You can select more than one category if appropriate.

Location – Enter your Postcode. This shows where you are on a map alongside your listing(s).

Photograph(s) – Click on ‘Add Photo’ and select the relevant image from your device.  You can upload more than 1 image. For the ‘free business’ listing, we suggest a photo of your premises.

Opening hours – This can be changed by you. Just type in the hours etc.

Phone – obvious!

Web site – obvious!

Twitter – Again, obvious. We will be adding other fields for Facebook etc.

Then click on ‘Preview’ to look your listing.

If the image you uploaded looks grainy, it’s probably because the resolution is too low. The higher the resolution, the better your image will look.

Check all the details. If you need to make any changes, click on ‘edit’ and repeat until you’re happy.

When it looks OK, click on the ‘submit’ button.

A confirmation screen will appear.

You can then repeat until all your listings are ‘live’.  ALL listings will automatically expire after 30 days and no longer be visible on the site.  PLEASE NOTE: ALL UNUSED listings will remain under your account until they go live.  There is no ‘use by date’ as such, so there’s no need to use them all at once!

Once we process your listing (we manually approve ALL listings to ensure it’s content is suitable for publication) your listing will go ‘live’ and you will receive an email informing you the listing is live.

If you do not receive those emails, please check your Junk folder before contacting us.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our golden rule is NEVER edit a client’s advert or listing. If we do spot what we think is an error in your advert or listing, we will contact you to see if you’d like us to change it.


Before looking at the opportunities available to you, here are some extra benefits included, free of charge.

When submitting a listing you will be asked to choose a ‘category’ that’s relevant to your business.  

There is no limit to the amount of categories you select but please only select those relevant to your business and the specific item(s) you’re listing.  Selecting a category will ensure your listing is displayed based on a guests search criteria.

Your listing will also display a map showing where your business is located.

All your contact details are displayed on your listing because we don’t want to act as middlemen and come between you and a potential customer.

Also, displaying your web address will improve your ranking on search engines.  Directory websites have what is known as a ‘high weighting’, which means that a link from us to you is more valuable than a link from many other sites.  Getting these high value links is important for the search engines and the more high quality links you can get, the better your web site’s ranking will be.

We will post a link to your listing(s) on all our social media sites free of charge. This will continue for the foreseeable future unless it becomes too onerous a task and cannot be automated (we are looking in automation now).  Any press release you send will appear on our website and our social media feeds if appropriate to the site.  We know you’re not journalists, so don’t worry about how we get any press releases etc, we’re happy to add any finishing touches if necessary.

We may contact you for your opinion or to comment on a piece our editorial team may be writing and you’ll be credited in any article in which we use your quote.

We welcome any communication from you and if appropriate, it will be featured on the website and our social media feeds.

If you are attending any events or shows, we will promote that on the website and social media if you already pay for your listing(s) on our website.


We’ve all been there. Started a small business, not enough hours in the day, you’ve got to watch the pennies and no one gives you a break.

Well, if you are a small business, we’ll give you a break.

When we put this list together our rationale was, if a business specialises in generic stock such as brakes, cables, hoses or, for example, treats rust, or just sell exhausts, they won’t want, or need to pay for more than one listing to sell themselves.

So here it is, one listing, absolutely free.  BUT, if you do qualify and you do get any enquires, we’d like to ask two things. Firstly,  you let us know if it works, or more importantly, if it doesn’t!

Secondly, if it works, then we’d like to think that as and when you can afford it, you’ll pay for a listing when you need one, for example, if you’re having a ‘Sale’ or want to promote a ‘special offer’.

If you’re not eligible, but think you should be, let us know –

Click here to get your FREE listing once you’ve set up your account but make sure you check which business categories are eligible for this offer before posting your free listing.


Choosing the right package may not be obvious, we’ve tried to keep it simple and make it good value for money.

In our opinion, the best option (apart from the single ‘free’listing’) is our ‘Early Bird’ offer that’s open to everyone. You can post an unlimited number of listings per day for 30 days, all of which will be ‘live’ for 30 days.  After the initial 30 days, discounted rates for the next 60 days apply BUT you can cancel at ANY TIME and there are no strings attached. No hidden fees, cancellation fees, hidden charges, we promise.  Again, see our ‘personal guarantee’ below. Full details of the Early Bird offer are here.

A single listing for £10.

We understand that we’re a new publication, it’s a risk for you and for us!  So, if you want to ‘dip your toe in the water’ then try a single listing for £10.

It’s got to be worth £10 for a 30 day advert and all the benefits mentioned above.

Want Discount?

For a fixed rate of £85 you can submit up to 10 listings, that’s a 15% discount.

And  it get’s better!  You don’t have to use all 10 listings until you’re ready.

Once you submit a listing and we approve it, that listing goes ‘live’ for 30 days.  All the rest just sit there until you’re ready.  No time limit. No strings.

That’s ten  ’30 day’ listings for £85! Try getting that value from 10 ‘print’ adverts!

Want even MORE Discount?

For a fixed rate of £160 you can submit up to 20 listings, that’s 20% discount! Plus all the benefits above.

Go the whole hog!

If you can see yourself posting more than 20 listing in any 30 day period then why not get a fixed monthly rate and fill your boots?  The more you post, the cheaper they get with our only ‘pay monthly’ option.

For example, 20 listings for £160 works out at £8 per listing.  With this option, no need to worry about the cost, it’s fixed. AND it gets cheaper per listing if you post more than 21 listings in any 30 day period.

PLUS, if you select this option, all your listings will be flagged up as a ‘Featured’ which distinguishes your listings from others so they stand out from the crowd.

So here is the deal.  Go here NOW and grab one of our ‘Early Bird Offers’ because only the first 100 businesses to register will qualify and then you can fill your boots for 30 days for FREE!

In short:

  • It’s 30 days of free advertising then a heavily discounted rate for a further 60 days before the normal rates apply.
  • You can close your account at any time.
  • We will not ask for any of your bank or card details until you choose to make a purchase
  • We will not charge any fees or ongoing charges
  • Plus, there are other benefits included.
  • There are absolutely no strings attached.

We have:

  • Invested in the site and technology.
  • Launched an online campaign using all the popular social media sites.
  • Invested in a Google adwords campaign
  • Employed SEO technology to ensure we get the highest possible search engine ranking
  • Launched a PR campaign via all the national press, regional press, relevant consumer press and some regional newspapers.

We will also attend relevant trade and public events to promote Vintage British Bikes to as wide an audience as possible.

Once our revenue allows, we will launch a print advertising campaign in all the relevant consumer press.

So, why pay £200 for an advert the size of a matchbox in a monthly magazine, when you can have an unlimited number adverts on out site for £185?


To back our Trust Guarantee, here are my contact details, if you’re ever nearby, feel free to pop in and say hello.

Ed Tackas
Portsea Publishing Co.
Media House
45a Queen Street
Hampshire. PO1 3HW

My mobile number is 07970 735054, call anytime.  If I can’t answer, leave a message and I will personally call you back as soon as I can.


Currently we can only accept payment via our secure servers by credit card. Payments via PayPal will be added very soon.

For more information on our secure servers and encryption to protect payments, see our Terms & Conditions.