With new technological advances showing no signs of slowing down, the phrase ‘if your not moving forwards, you’re going backwards’ is as trues as ever.

So our challenge is to keep abreast of the developments, especially in the fields of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media, which is now regarded as a serious potential revenue stream for many business that only few years ago wouldn’t even consider it viable.

On the subject of SEO, the decision to add a ‘magazine’ style facet to the site, which naturally requires editorial content to be written and uploaded regularly everyday will help with our SEO efforts as search engines see how often site content has been updated. The more updates, the higher your ranking.  It will also encourage readers users to keep coming back. 

We are also implementing  a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to the site based on key words users enter into the googles search engine so we get relevant traffic.

We have set up  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts and we’ve been posting information at numerous times everyday to promote the site, your business, your stock and services.   Our efforts have already paid off with an increase in followers over all channels and our site traffic increasing accordingly.  Links to our social media pages can be found at the foot of this page.

Regular press releases will be sent to all relevant consumer and trade press and, if appropriate to the article, mention any business listed on the site.  This will promote the site to a wider audience and increase site traffic.  We will advertise in as many relevant publications as possible to promote the site and your business. Once Vintage British Bikes is covering it’s basic running costs, which we have kept to a minimum, we will spend at least 15% of gross revenue per month on advertising to promote the website. The average company marketing spend is approximately 10.2% of revenues.

To add an extra dimension to the site, visitors will have the option to subscribe to the site and receive regular updates and alerts if in need of any specific parts etc. or in search of a new motorcycle.

Subscribers will receive regular updates (but not too many) on any relevant changes or updates to the site and by subscribing they agree to receive any promotions from relevant 3rd parties (YOU!).  Once a sufficient number of subscribers has been built up, you will be able to send email updates about your business to our subscribers via us.

We will continually review our progress and results to ensure we are doing everything we possibly can to promote the site.