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‘Our Man’ Giogos on a Beano in Turkey, God bless him!

Giorgos, our man in Cyprus, who tirelessly slaves away on a sunny beach, keeping his finger on the pulse for #VBB has generously agreed to give away TEN 30% DISCOUNT VOUCHERS  from his Siima MotoWear range of protective clothing!  He’s either had one too many cocktails or the sun has finally got to him.

About Siima MotoWear.
Here is where the need for development of motorcycle gear that meets the high safety and quality standards emerged. The inception of the idea was taken in 2012. Since then, we have developed our products to a more technical and versatile level, always aiming to keep high quality, safety and comfort standards. At the same time, we give the chance to every rider to get properly protected and enjoy his/her touring, sport touring or adventure touring rides.

The business took off in 2014. Siima MotoWear has been embraced globally and our high quality motorcycle protective clothing has reached thousands of happy riders who are seeking quality, safety and comfort in their gear.

We are in position to send our gear to you, wherever you are, while at the same time we provide a family like service with the owner and fellow rider, Giorgos being in direct communication with you.

Our clientele is the everyday motorcyclist who seek to increase their safety and maintain their style  by wearing high quality motorcycle gear while on the road to their everyday activities (go to work, leisure,  etc.). At same time we aim to satisfy the adventurers / tourers who use their bikes to escape from daily routine to the unpredictable and full of excitement touring and adventure touring rides.

Get your Siima MotoWear gear now and enter the safe and carefree spirit of the ride.

How You Lucky Buggers Can Get This FREE OFFER.
All you have to do is fill in the form below and over the weekend we’ll pick out 10 random winners and send them 1 of the 10 vouchers to redeem from Giorgos to treat yourself to some of his cracking gear in his store.

The lucky 10 winners will be notified via email by Wednesday 27th Sept. 2017.

If you’re NOT one of the winners, stress not.


We promise you that we have so many offers lined up for all you lovely people, you’ll be spoilt for choice and once we have your email address you’ll get updates on upcoming freebies, special offers etc. that we’ve managed to ‘acquire’.

As this is totally free, saves you 30% and bearing in mind Giorgos and the team at #VBB have done all the graft here, we kindly ask that if you’re happy with the product(s) you receive from Giorgos, please return the favour and recommend his shop to all your mates and follow him on Twitter etc.

Likewise with #VBB, please tell your friends about the us and let’s get more great offers coming your way! We can’t do it without you, truthfully.  The more people using this site the more leverage we have to crowbar stonking deals out of great people like Giorgos and bring you all the latest news in the motorcycling world (well, the vintage British motorcycle world anyway).  If you, your club or local #VBB dealer have any news, send it to and we’ll promote/publish it on the site.

Oh, by the way, we recommend you don’t waste your time trying to copy the image above, when you download 1 of the 10 vouchers (if you’re lucky enough to get one!), it will have a unique order number that needs to be quoted when redeeming the voucher.