I’ve been speaking to a young entrepreneur in California who is a retailer of British motorcycles, spares and accessories.

Kyle is remarkably knowledgeable in the field of vintage British Motorcycles for a man of his age and I’m sure he would humbly credit his Father as the source of this knowledge.

Kyle was the first retailer we contacted in the USA and it quickly became apparent we shared the same views on how, as a business, we communicate online with people such as yourselves, i.e. the people we hope will buy our products and/or services.

Kyle caught the’bug’ early in life!

My first online venture was back in 1996 and at the time my attitude was, and still, why should I expect you, my readers to give me any personal information before I’ve proved to you that I’m worthy of having a direct line of communication to you?!?!

Talking to Kyle, it soon became apparent he felt exactly the same.  We both believe the old adage still hold true today, ‘Content is King’.  You have to ‘give’ before you can ‘get’.

A website that look as if everything was thrown at the office wall and whatever stuck went on the homepage, peppered with flashing images screaming ‘Buy! Buy! Buy! are, in our opinion no longer relevant, even redundant in some cases.

A pretty strong opinion granted.  However, myself and Kyle aren’t alone.  My ‘web savvy’ clients who advertise in my other publications are 100% reliant on their websites for all business enquiries and they agree to with me and Kyle.

Now, I’ve had my rant, I’ll get to the point.

Kyle, like us, isn’t a charity and although we love what we do but we do it to earn a living and count our blessings it’s not just a ‘job’.  Our shared outlook on the content we generate which we hope is, at worst readable and and best informative and helpful to the extent you’ll come back regularly and, if the time is right, make a purchase via our site promoted us to join forces in an effort to bring you more helpful, interesting and insightful content on any subject as long as it’s relevant to you.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce ‘our man’ on the west coast of the good ol’ USA, Mr. Kyle Ede of Classic British Spares, Tujunga, California who will be contributing to #VBB  via his own dedicated column we’ve imaginatively called ‘Our Man’ on the west coast.

Here’s the first little nugget of gold he’s willing to share with us.