Today we’re launching our ‘Proud to be British’ column.

Think of it as Page 3 in the ‘The Sun’, Tony Hancock as the Editor ably assisted by his jaded Fleet Street hacks.  No young gal here trying to look coy whilst her ‘obvious charms’ are on display to the nation over their Breakfast, not on your Nelly mate!

Instead, every day the nation would wake to a glorious reminder of why the sun never set on the British Empire and driving an Austin Allegro proved beyond any doubt, no matter what, YOU bought British!

So send us your snaps, those ones that would make a gentleman stop in his tracks and sing ‘Rule Britannia’ despite knowing  such a public display of emotion hasn’t been tolerated since the Queen mother shouted ‘Go on my son’ as Jeff Hurst put one past Johnny foreigner in 1966.  Happy days.

Once a month we’ll go through all the photos received and the one that we think best represents why you’re Proud to be British will probably win something.

Who knows what it will be, but as my dear old mum says, many a muckle mickle a muckle mickle makes. Wise words indeed, something there for us all to think about.

So, to kick things off, here’s a few we hope illustrate what we’re looking for, sort of.

You’re Proud to Be British when you’re on holiday and you’re daughter shows no fear! Well, almost.

You look a right twat but it’s Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee! Gawd bless her.

At the tender age of 2, you’re grandson wears your hat, because Gents wear hats.

 Cor blimey, it’s that geezer! The Kings of British pop art, a true Gent. He cordially invited us to a soiree in Mayfair! Don’t mind if I do sir.  Shame he forgot his hat, drugs do that to you.  Allegedly.

He fought for Queen & Country, survived  two wars and to him they were a mere trifle compared to facing the wrath of a Britain’s greatest asset.  Our WOMEN!  They are not to be toyed with, so be warned all you continental types.

But the one TRULY that says it all……

H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth arrives home. A proud day for Portsmouth. Brings a tear to your eye.

If you’ll pardon my indulgence, finally to cap it all, this young man is a true Brit who ‘uses’ his position in the manner that benefits those who deserve it more than most. Hats off to you Sir.


Our brave lads and ladies injured whilst serving Queen and country, an inspiration to us all.

Get your pics to us using whatever jiggery pokery you young things use, such as  that googletwitfacegram thingy.  Links below.