Is This The Face Of Motorcycle Thefts?

Continuing our unpleasant theme of motorcycle theft, like many subjects topical in the 24 hour news cycle (no pun intended) we’ve all become accustomed to hearing about crime all day, every day.

The theft of vintage (and classic) motorcycles is shockingly high.  Even a cursory Google search for classic and vintage British motorcycle theft yields 799,000 results!

The Mail Online ran a piece, albeit dated June 2016, about a rare 1924 TS Douglas vintage motorcycle valued at some $19,000 Australian dollars stolen from a shed in Queensland, Australia.  So we’re not talking about some old heap worth just only it’s scrap value.

Just this week The Telegraph ran a story with some quite shocking statistics.  Quoting the latest Home Office figures, motorcycle theft is predicted to reach a staggering 30,000 reported incidents with a recovery rate of 40%  expected, which surprised us, we expected it to be much lower.  However, of that 30,000 predicted thefts, only some 12,000 of them will be recovered.  Good news you’d think but it goes on to say that of the 12,000 recovered, many will be damaged, in pieces or written off.

One aspect all victims of theft must find extremely frustrating is that despite their best effort to protect their property and if a thief is determined enough, virtually nothing will stop them at least attempting to steal property.

Ian Spivey had his 1993 Honda Transalp XL600V stolen last Thursday in Southampton and on his Facebook page, Ian says just that, his bike was protected with a security device and he believes it was stolen to order. classic and vintage British motorcycles old bikes for sale, spare parts, accessories Registration No.: K65PPO

Type into Amazon ‘motorcycle security products‘ and it lists 1,029 results, so there is no shortage of ‘stuff’ to buy but judging by the figures above, the affect on this type of crime seems to be minimal.

Many of us have resulted to good old vigilance. Andy Tiernan Classics has this page on his web site and as you may have seen last week, we have done the same. Looking at the Andy’s page, I was very pleased to see that this approach has had some success with this 1931 Magnat Debon 98cc motorcycle stolen in November 2015 being recovered.  Well done everyone involved in that happy ending! classic and vintage British motorcycles old bikes for sale, spare parts, accessories

Speaking to Andy only this morning, he said they receive details of a of stolen motorcycle every two or three months and from feedback he receives, about 30% are recovered.  Furthermore, his opinion is widely shared that if someone is determined enough, nothing will stop them at least trying to steal a motorcycle.

We’ll be speaking to Andy more about this next week.  Especially regarding his opinion of the security products available on the market, and from the sounds of it, he has a few horror stories to tell including his experience of the types of bikes typically targeted and the age of the average thief!

Yep, youngsters seem to be the biggest culprits. Bring in Sharia Law some might cry!, Chop their bloody hands off!

Whilst writing this piece, we’ve had the nub of an idea which we’ll be looking into over the next few days and we’ll keep you posted and don’t forget, if you wish to report a stolen bike, you can use this page.

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