Having been ‘selling’ online since 1996, I think we’ve got to be one of the most experienced online businesses in the UK.  We’ve learnt a lot along the way and we’re happy to share that with you.

Using our website as a platform to increase your sales isn’t complicated and apart from the cost of your listings, all it will cost you is a little bit of time, PLUS it’s backed up by our cast-iron ‘Trust Guarantee’ here but before you read that, don’t forget that there’s a couple of free options available at the moment, so grab them whilst they’re still available.

Here are a few areas we can and will help you:

  • Listings
  • Two-way Contact
  • SEO & Content
  • Social Media
  • Our Advertising

We’ve employed the latest SEO technology which means your listings and any other content supplied by you will be tagged with keywords relevant to your business and listing(s). These keywords will drive anyone searching the internet to you and your listing(s) on our website. You can increase your visibility on our site by choosing to become a ‘Featured’ dealer, click here to find out how to become a ‘Featured’ dealer.

Two-way Contact
Potential customers will be able to contact you directly through our website immediately. With ‘print’ advertising it’s so easy for a potential customer to say ‘I’ll call them later’ and not get around to it.  On our website, they can email or phone you right there.

You’ll be able to contact them too.  We’re working on a subscription database.  Any guest who visits the site will be able to register to receive any emails from us or you, via us. If you want to know more, email info@vintagebritishbikes.co.uk

As mentioned above, SEO is important.  Our site content will be updated constantly. Not only is ths key to good SEO, but just as important, it keeps our site fresh and encourages users to keep coming back as well as increasing the site’s ranking on search engines.

Social Media
For those of us who are of a ‘certain age’, Facebook etc. seems a waste of time. Kids just sharing pictures and having public spats and yes, it can be a total waste of time.  However, many businesses today not only benefit from it, but in some cases, they’d go bust without it.

We have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and  Pintrest accounts and we’re already getting followers who are keeping up with developments.

We will use our social media feeds to not only promote the site but to notify our followers when anything new and interesting has been published, posted or listed. In particular, new listings and getting back to PR, every time a new article (which could be about you!) is published on our site.

For the foreseeable future, we will post every new listing you submit on ALL our social media sites free of charge and we will continue to do this until either there are simply too many listings to post or we can’t set up an automated system.

If you’ve got any social media sites yourself, please follow us to keep updated.

Love it or hate it, if you do it right, it’s priceless in terms of free advertising and increased sales.

Can’t afford a PR Agency? Clueless when it comes to writing a Press Release?  We don’t care if you can’t write a Press Release, we’re not all media guru’s and we’re crying out for content.

We’re the perfect platform to promote you and your business. Good PR isn’t about getting your mug all over the place, it’s about positioning you and your business in the public eye and being respected as an ‘authority’ in whatever field you specialise in. A ‘specialist’ can be invaluable.

Just email or phone us anytime. Email us any snippets about:

  • New product releases.
  • Trade/Public shows you’re attending, especially if you’ve got a stand!
  • Moved to new premises?
  • Had a record month for sales?
  • Having a Sale or got a Special Offer?
  • New employees joined?
  • Went somewhere great? Send us a review.

The list is endless and we’ll publish any news/information that is relevant to the site that is honest, accurate and unbiased. So send us anything you think any readers/potential customers would be interested in to info@vintagebritishbikes.co.uk

Our Advertising.
Our advertising will drive potential customers to your listings on our site, so it’s crucial to our success and ensures you get value for money from us.

Our media campaign will initially be online using social media, Google Adwords and a PR push to all the relevant consumer press, national press, some regional and  local newspapers.

All relevant major manufacturers, distributors and suppliers will be contacted and made fully aware of the sites existence and direction and be encouraged to contribute to the site.  We will also be attending as many shows/events as possible to spread the word.

As revenues increase we will launch a print advertising campaign in as many relevant publications as possible to promote the site and your business.

Email us if you need any help or further information.  Because, if this works for us, it’s working for you.

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