Hi Lisa,

Apologies but it seems I’ve opened a can of worms, in a good way!  So please bear with me here.

Firstly, doing this for Chloe has actually done me a big favour, long story, but in short, this exercise has made me put a few things in order internally saving me much time and effort later.

On that note, I must confess that I’m concerned that although we’ve known each other socially for about 5 years now, I’m not sure if you know my ‘business side’ and my track record. With that in mind, my concern is that you’ll read the information I compiled for Chloe and think I ought to be sectioned!

If you wish to know more or have any concerns, I’m more than happy to address those on Tuesday and I will not be offended in any way if you do wish to look further into the credibility of my publishing expansion programme.

Should Chloe wish to join us I will only have one goal in that respect, which is to do my very best to ensure she walks out the door after however long she’s working with me with her head high, chest out, shoulders back with bags of confidence knowing she can take on anything and not only deal with it but flourish.  Every kid deserves a break and every kid has talent, it just needs a little sunlight and attention.

So, after all that, please read the documents I’ve prepared (link below) and I think it might be a good idea if you read it first, then when Chloe sees it, if she feels slightly overwhelmed you can talk her through it and explain that it’s actually a lot easier than she probably expects.  As part of that, in the documentation I’ve include my daily ‘fuck up’ to show Chloe that we all make mistakes and a bollocking isn’t my way of dealing with mistakes because I’m just as guilty.

During our meeting on Tuesday, although a parent wouldn’t normally be present, I’m more than happy for you to be there.  I’m trying to make this as normal as any other job interview process for her so she can go to interviews in the future knowing she’s done it before and it went great (which it will), so to make it as ‘normal’ as possible, I’d appreciate it if you resist speaking on her behalf if she struggles.  I will let her struggle briefly so she remembers it and knows that is an area she needs to have rehearsed answers for but not let her get too flustered so she walks away down-hearted.  In the same vein, if you can resist helping her to prepare for the interview, or even intimate that she needs to prepare so that she learns from her mistakes, then she’ll remember to do it next time and do it thoroughly.

QSC – #VBB – Social Media Manager