The Highland Classic Motorcycle Club

The Highland Classic Motorcycle Club

The club was formed in May 1983 to bring together people on a regular basis who have a common interest in all motorcycles over 15 years old. classic and vintage british motorcycles and spares accessories for sale
The Highland Classic Motorcycle Club

The aim of the club is to cater for all interests and aspects of motorcycling from restorations, general care and maintenance, general road riding regardless of whether you own a Veteran, Classic or fairly modern machine (over 15 years old) and to encourage and promote the use of older motorcycles.

Membership stands at around 70, all of whom are various age groups with a wide range of  knowledge and experience.

The membership fees are £10.00 for a full Annual Subscription and £3.00 for an  ‘Associated Annual subscription’ and these are renewable on or before the 1st August each year.

Benefits of being a Club Member
Monthly meetings are held at the Chieftain Hotel, Milburn Road, Inverness on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 8 pm from February to December. These meetings can include discussions, films, guest speakers and the occasional quiz, plus the company of other bikers. The chance to discuss old motorcycles with people who are interested and willing to exchange information and ideas.

There are Social events organised throughout the year.  These include Treasure Hunts, 10-Pin Bowling Nights, Barbecues and other various gatherings and to family and friends are welcome.  We also organise regular club runs, publish a bi-monthly club newsletter/magazine called The Helmet & Goggles.

Also included is automatic membership of The British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) and the Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation (S.V.V.F.).

Club Runs usually take place on the last Sunday of the month, from April to November. They cover about 40 to 100 miles and leave from four different starting points, depending on the route to be taken such as Inverness, Dingwall, Nairn or Forres.

If you’re interested in joining or would like to know more, please contact:

Chairman – Emma Craig
Secretary – Malcolm Davidson
Membership – Inus Le Roux
Web Site – Neil Ellison

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