In 1919 George Brough was 29 years old and allegedly had a bit of a tiff with his dear old dad, William Edward Brough who’d been building his Brough motorcycles since 1890.

It’s said that young George wanted to improve on his dad’s efforts and produce truly high-performance motorcycles and his father wasn’t too keen. classic and vintage British motorcycles old bikes for sale, spare parts, accessories

Above is George wearing his personalised flat cap, riding one of his own motorcycles in a trials competition and don’t panic about photos of the new SS100, we’ve done a whole page of them just for you! The link is at the end of this article.

Now bearing in mind I left school with nothing more than smile on my face, let alone an ‘O’ Level (Remember them!) and I’m no history buff but in 1919 young men had given their all on the Western Front and when they came home weren’t exactly in the mood to doff their caps to authority figures as they did in 1913.

So young George set up his own factory nearby in Haydn Road. Nottingham and the Brough Superior was born. The name Superior was suggested by a friend and apparently William took it personally but  George’s motorcycles lived up to the claim.

Today, almost a century later at No.20 Rue Jean Monet in Toulouse, France, the roar of British engineering is loud and proud!

The Brough Superior is back with an all-new titanium-framed 1000cc V-twin motorcycle that more than lives up to the legend and is owned by Englishman Mark Upham.

In 2013 the re-launched company unveiled plans to build the SS100 MK1 designed as a 90th anniversary tribute to the most famous Brough Superior model in the company’s illustrious history. The first S0 MK1 was delivered at the MCN show in London in February 2016 to record breaking racer Eric Patterson.

This extraordinary machine has the elegance, style and glamour of the jazz age but is powered by the most up to date, cutting edge components, some handcrafted in the Brough Superior workshop. The 1920s roar into the twenty first century.

Each motorcycle is made to order. There is a choice of three finishes and a number of options including optional wheels, handle bars, footrests and seats. 

Brough Superior’s Industrial director, Mr Michel Crespo, is responsible for all the industrial processes needed to build the SS100, including the training of workshop employees, industrial techniques to be employed, tooling and equipment, measures to ensure quality control and technical aspects of after-sales service. 

The SS100 has a 997cc water cooled dohc 88° V-twin four-stroke with four valves per cylinder, a composite chain/gear cam drive, 6- speed gearbox and a machined titanium frame with fabricated titanium subframe.  The full specs are here.

The bike looks so stunning we felt a fizzy feeling in our underpants so we decided to dedicate a page just to photographs of the GORGEOUS machine, so make sure you lock the bedroom door before clicking HERE!

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