Queen St. Communications

Company Structure & Overview

Queen Street Communications (QSC) is a wholly-owned private holding company with a global reach initially focusing on print & online publishing and events.

That stage of our expansion is complete and the results are already being seen under our latest title, Vintage British Bikes, published by our subsidiary, Portsea Publishing Co.

Portsea Publishing Co.
Our flagship title is Vintage British Bikeswww.vintagebritishbikes.co.uk

The global audience for VBB has completely outstripped our projected reach by a considerable margin in the first 6 weeks!  In Thailand alone there is a facebook group for Royal Enfield enthusiasts with over 140,000 members and our social media accounts are attracting attention and gathering followers on an hourly basis.

VBB has the following social media accounts:

We are looking for an individual who will report directly to the Managing Director of Portsea Publishing and CEO of QSC.

The aim of this role is to take our existing social media accounts to the next level and investigate opportunities to increase our global reach via other social media channels and any other means available.   It’s worth noting that a high degree of flexibility is required for this role and will involve unusual working hours, and the ability to drop any given project at any moment and swiftly move onto a new task even if totally unfamiliar with the area involved. Our philosophy on this matter is quite simple. Anyone can do anything if they just put their mind to it and in these situations, any member of staff will be assessed not only on their success but on their willingness to attack such projects and deal with the unknown as best as they can.  All we can ask of our team is to give any task or project, regardless of experience, their best effort. No more, no less.

Although this may sound daunting, it has the advantage of being a home based role with no fixed hours and an unusual level of freedom to use your own initiative and creativity to promote VBB in a humorous and entertaining way, yet at the same time remain interesting and informative with content from our staff and industry experts invited to contribute to the magazine.  

As this role, magazine and indeed the Group grow, their will be unlimited opportunities for all members of our team regardless of their position and experience to contribute and grow as the Group grows.  The nurturing of in-house talent is our #1 priority.  Businesses are NOT successful, the people who work in that business are the success story.

Our aim is to be the #1 global brand in all sectors in which we trade and we will achieve this by giving our team members this unusually challenging yet flexible role as well as a excellent remuneration package with enhancements which will include performance related bonuses and at an appropriate time offer other benefits including discounts on all products and services offered by QSC and/or companies within the group and any of our affiliates that QSC has such an agreement with.  A company pension, health care and shares in whichever subsidiary(s) of QSC a member has made a valuable contribution to as our exit strategy is an IPO within 24 months will also be available.

As mentioned above, Portsea Publishing Co.is a subsidiary of QSC.

QSC is now in a position to begin stage 2 of our planned growth.  As our strategy is wide ranging and too complex to explain here, an example of an area we are focusing on now is Native – a global brand targeting late- teens and upwards.  

Native is a lifestyle.  Native will focus on travel, music, festivals, concerts and a chain of global cafes to cater for those who are spending time travelling on gap years, sabbaticals and those older people who still have a sense of adventure. And that’s just the start.

Meet our ‘Native’ guru, KOKOPELLI.


With our existing contacts in the music industry, our record label is about to launch.  We’ve teamed up with the ‘Artful Dodger’ who has just signed a 3 album deal with EMI and begins recording in Southampton on the 11th Sept 2017 and has a full festival schedule for 2018.

QSC already have permission to access to the entire Artful Dodger back catalogue, royalty free and permission to stream the catalogue online under any of QSC’s relevant brands.

Native is just part of our overall strategy that will expand rapidly, moving into multiple related sectors with multiple income streams derived from QSC’s  own initiatives as well as affiliate agreements with other global brands.

Job Description
The overall purpose of this role is to lead VBB’s social media strategy in order to boost awareness and encourage both customer & client engagement. This will involve managing VBB’s online presence by developing a strategy, producing good content, analysing usage data, facilitating customer service and managing projects and campaigns.

Although social media management a distinct role, it will involve other marketing and communications responsibilities.  Full support in any areas unfamiliar to the successful candidate will be available 24/7.

As a social media manager, you’ll need to:

  • develop a social media strategy and set goals to increase brand awareness and increase engagement
  • manage all existing and new channels
  • plan content,  delivery and use tools to manage all VBB social media channels
  • develop and manage competitions and campaigns that promote VBB to our existing global audience and increase that audience in line with agreed targets.
  • write engaging blog posts and articles as required
  • create engaging multimedia content such as videos by launching our VBB YouTube channel
  • form key relationships with influencers across the social media platforms
  • manage and facilitate social media communities by responding to social media posts and developing discussions
  • monitor and report on performance on social media platforms using tools such as Google Analytics almost daily at first.
  • regularly liaise with clients when required
  • Monitor all VBB social media channels for new business opportunities and new clients for VBB and other businesses within the QSC Group

With this role, as with many in the QSC Group, we always want to seek out talented individuals who will be rewarded accordingly but again, our philosophy is more interested in any given individual’s potential rather than their current skill set.  It’s worth noting that our CEO left school with nothing other than an Art O level.

As with qualifications, we are searching for an individual who is prepared to take on the unknown and try their best.  Any skills lacking will be addressed ‘on the job’ and as such, allowances will be made based on the successful candidate’s attitude.  NOT their skills.

Professional development
Upon joining the Group, you will be expected to keep your existing knowledge and understanding of platforms and tools fresh as well as making your direct line manager aware of any courses, seminars etc that will enhance or improve your skill set.

It is important, especially in this role, to keep abreast of all the latest technological developments that will either directly or indirectly affect this key area in our brand awareness strategy and as such, any team member will receive support wherever required to a degree based on the needs of the role, your goals and the Group’s goals.  However, it is also expected for this individual to take almost complete responsibility for their own personal and commercial development.  Life doesn’t often offer a helping hand, so learn to look after your own personal growth.  You’ll be better of in the long run.

You can work towards professional qualifications through closely-related professional bodies such as the:

Many of these courses can help professional development, but particularly relevant qualifications include:

  • IDM Professional Certificate in Social Media
  • CAM Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring.

Joining a professional body can increase your status as an industry professional and offer a range of benefits. These typically include the chance to attend events, take part in mentoring schemes and gain access to webinars and keep you up to date with relevant trends.

Career prospects
QSC as a Group has a somewhat ‘unique’ perspective on our entire team’s individual career opportunities and fulfilment.  Again, it’s part of our philosophy to ensure our team are not just ‘happy’ within their role but come to work excited at whatever the day may bring and knowing that they and team member deserves to be AND WILL BE treated with respect, politeness and no person will ever be made to feel foolish or reprimanded for suggesting new ideas or concepts, no matter how outrageous they may appear at first glance.  

With that in mind, any individual (and it has actually happened here with dramatic results) may find themselves in the unnerving position of once suggesting an idea or initiative, being given the responsibility of executing that initiative either alone, reporting to the CEO or with any member of the group who has skills required to complete that initiative. To add more pressure, as the individual responsible, may be required to actually manage another team member who, in a ‘normal’ organisation, would be their senior by rank, but QSC doesn’t ‘do’ ranks, we do results and reward those accordingly.  It’s worked for 20 years so why change it?

Social media accounts
Facebook – To be discussed
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ukvintagebikes
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vintagebritishbikes/?hl=en
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ed-tackas-5607804/
Tumblr – https://www.tumblr.com/blog/edtackas (needs attention)
Path –
Pinterst (dormant)

Past Tweets (posted across all VBB accounts)