Yesterday I had a pop at Norton for their one-paragraph ‘press releases’ and suggested they follow Triumph’s example, well blow me down, but like buses appearing after a long wait, Triumph have posted 4 press releases in one day!!

So I thought I’d cover Triumph’s newly launched Tiger 800 XC and XR line-up, which they say is one of their best-loved and most critically acclaimed motorcycles ever that began with the gold-medal winning Tigers of the 1936 International Six Day Trial. vintage British motorcycle magazine old classic and vintage motorcycles bikes spares parts accessories new features blogs updates events motorcycle clubs

This new Tiger has more than 200 upgrades to the chassis and engine, a more responsive, optimised Triple engine, shorter Ratio 1st Gear enables enhanced off-road traction, low-speed manoeuvrability and acceleration and the new lighter, free-flowing silencer has an improved exhaust note.

New technology has allowed the Tiger to have adjustable full colour TFT instruments, signature LED lighting, illuminated, ergonomically designed, backlit switchgear and five-way joystick control and updated cruise control.

Triumph say the Triple engine update is  more responsive, has more character and sound and also claim the Tiger has more style and highest-ever level of finish and detailing with new premium bodywork, high quality badges, graphics and detailing, new colours and a more contemporary and dynamic stance giving Triumph fans the most comprehensive choice available.

They go on to say ‘this new updated Tiger 800 XC and XR family has once again pushed the boundaries of this world-renowned range with over 200 chassis and engine upgrades. These are complemented by a suite of major off-road improvements that work hand-in-hand with carefully crafted on-road enhancements’.

Triumph have specifically targeted improvements to technology, comfort, and style along with the introduction of a new generation engine that maximises the riders experience.

Other improvements include full-colour TFT instruments, up to six riding modes, high-specification Brembo front brakes, optimised suspension configurations, handlebar-mounted switchcubes incorporating backlit buttons, distinctive signature all-LED lighting, updated cruise control, enhanced chassis, and premium bodywork.

The 800cc Triple engine now gives more immediate power delivery and a peak power output of 95PS, all-road low speed responsiveness, more immediate acceleration.  In addition, the new Off-Road Pro riding mode on the XC models allows an advanced rider to take complete control off road.

Triumph has enhanced the rider ergonomics across the whole Tiger 800 range. This includes moving the handlebars back by 10mm for a better riding position, higher specification Brembo front brakes, Showa adjustable suspension,  off-road tyre specification fitment, new five-position adjustable windscreen and aero diffusers for segment-leading aero protection, and a new seat compound giving more comfort on those long rides.

Improvements to the look of the Tiger include stronger styling across the latest 800 range, . premium bodywork with high quality painted finishes and updated side panel designs, along with higher quality badges, graphics and detailing. vintage British motorcycle magazine old classic and vintage motorcycles bikes spares parts accessories new features blogs updates events motorcycle clubs

All the Tigers’ have ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, cruise control, heated seats and grips (on selected models), power sockets, and a two-position seat height (810-830mm on XR models, 840-860mm on XC models) adjustable by 20mm to suite riding style and terrain, and a low ride height XRx model variant that at 760 mm is 50mm lower than the standard XR range of seats.

There is an A2 licence-ready version to give more riders access to the Tiger range, more accessible than ever and can be easily converted to full power once you have passed your test.  All models can be adapted to 35KW apart from Tiger 800 XR, however bear in mind that this is dependant on local market restrictions

The Tiger 800 range also boasts over 50 optional accessories, allowing you to personalise your bike to maximise your riding experience, whichever model you choose, so visit the Triumph website to use the ‘configure my bike’ tool and have a play!

Finally, if you have an old Tiger (one of my personal favourites) that you’ve lovingly restored and documented that restoration, please let me know, I’d love to do a piece on it and share it here.

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