Motorcycle repair is a puzzle where every sound, every vibration presents a jigsaw piece, and Adam Cramer has been solving these puzzles for decades.

Adam’s shop in the heart of Fishtown is both a workshop and a collector’s museum. Vintage bikes from every corner of the Earth, in every size and shape are represented, from the extremely rare to the exceedingly common. The shop is best described as organized chaos as the machines are diagnosed, adjusted and tested. Constantly in motion, Adam Cramer is a blur with a wrench, working with the focus and ferocity of a prizefighter. Slow parts are replaced with fast parts; rough parts are made smooth, in order to become fast.

Every single part of the motorcycle must be operating perfectly in order for the bike to run correctly; when it ceases to be perfect, it ceases to run. Adam is a man with a passion bordering on obsession, towards the singular pursuit of perfection.

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