The Whitworth Gazette

The Whitworth Gazette is the magazine section of Vintage British Bikes and was as much a part of our original idea when planning this magazine/directory as the directory section.

We feel that although directories can be an invaluable source of local, national and international information, some are just that, purely functional. No heart and soul.

As a group of people with publishing experience, we also shared a common interest and in some cases, a passion for vintage British bikes.  That was an important factor in our decision to start #VBB and that personal interest all of us have in #VBB wouldn’t be apparent if we just published a ‘stand alone’ directory and it wouldn’t be a satisfying to do all day, every day. We don’t ‘do’jobs!

Here are the #VBB Contributors:

Mr. Kyle Ede of Classic British Spares, who is ‘Our Man’ on the west coast and his #VBB column is here.

Kyle, a mere lad of 24 years old, he an extraordinary depth of knowledge when it comes to breathing life back into a worthy British machine that’s seen better days.  For example, here’s his first editorial piece for us, about, of all things, electronic ignitions and the perils therein.

You can find out more about Kyle and his wonderful emporium of British engineering from a bygone age here.

Mr. Iain Harper of the FullChat Agency

Iain and his team are experts in all that malarkey called SEO and Social Media Management that all of us at #VBB thought was all ‘smoke and mirrors’ but a brief chat with Iain changed our opinion in double quick time after he shared a few of his ‘white hat’ tricks of the trade and boosted the hit rate on our posts no end!

If you’d like to read Iain’s column, it’s here and to find out about all the jiggery-pokery Iain and his team get up to that will make any website make Google crash, go here to get in touch with him.

Call 07909 918095 or email

Marco Di Pietro, ‘Our Man’ in Europe (no, don’t start on Brexit) is a damn fine chap and has the rather unique job title of Helmet/graphic designer at  M8Design

Marco is based in Milan, the lucky blighter!  I can taste the Chianti from here.