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Our promotion of these tables will raise your profile and therefore attract new customers.

Registering will give you a reason to contact your existing customers.  Ask them to vote for you!

Contacting existing customers has been proven to generate more business.

So the only question that’s important is ‘will spending 2 minutes filling in the form below  be worth it?’

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You’ll Also have your own PR & Marketing Dept.

Two things you’re guaranteed to hear whenever the subjects of PR & Marketing arise are “it doesn’t work” or secondly, “Its too expensive.”  Both are WRONG. And here is proof.

If you register we will:

  • Do a Profile on you.  That will be put online and promoted via all our Social Media feeds  for voters to read.
  • Send you a PDF copy of the Profile to use with your other marketing & PR material.
  • Promote you as a registrant on all our Social Media feeds.
  • Publish a fortnightly update promoting the awards to encourage voters.
  • Create a VBB Best of British Awards supplement emailed to all voters, available to download, details below.
  • Invited to become a VBB contributor (TWG) for 12 months.

You will:

  • Be able to use the Profile material on all you own marketing & PR material.
  • Use the PDF of the supplement in the same manner.
  • Receive 12 months PR &  promotion on VBB & TWG as a contributor.
  • 12 free emails to all voters (artwork to be supplied or we can design – Jase?_)

So what’s that cost and will it work?

Winners & Runners Up

All winners and 3 runners up will also receive:

The relevant VBB Winner or Runner logo to use indefinitely










contains……profile, runners up etc.

Donate prize for voters – put on Register page

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